When to visit Kiev ?

The Ukranian capital has so much to offer to every visitor that it is a guarantee to fall in love with this city. Kiev may not be as popular as other European destinations as Paris, London, Rome, Barcelona, and Moscow, but its rich culture and interesting history makes it a great place to spend your vacation.

Kiev boasts of unique attractions and experiences that you will surely love, not to mention its developed industry, advanced science, and high-level education – enough reasons for you to visit Kiev. Those who visit the city once are impressed with this mesmerizing city and go back over and over again to savor what the city has to offer. So get acquainted with Kiev right now.

On Kiev’s southwestern outskirts, you will find the huge open air folklore museum. Here, you will learn more about Kiev, with more than 40,000 ethnographic exhibits. It features folk costumes, paintings, musical instruments, household articles, tools, and many more.

The exclusion zone surrounding the old town of the ill-famed Chernobyl is now a major tourist attraction, giving you an insightful day excursion. This informative Chernobyl tour is heart breaking but it will give you a remarkable experience.

When you go to Kiev, make sure to visit the almost forgotten fortress remains. It is tucked away and practically hidden from the not too distant and busy Lesi Ukrayinky Boulevard. The fortress was built as part of a major fortification system to protect Kiev from foreign invaders.

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and if you want to relax, then it is highly recommended that you take the metro across the Dnipro and then take a walk along the beaches. You can also rest up in the city’s many green parks and lush gardens.

For stag parties, fun weekends, hen do’s, Kiev offers an excellent range of fun activities, from paintballing go-karting to pub crawls and hardcore shooting.