Kiev Travel Guide

Kiev is the Ukranian capital and is one of the biggest European cities. For over 1,500 years, t6is stunning city has been standing on hills overlooking the Dnipro River. Since then, the city has become a valuable center in East Europe attracting visitors and investors from all over the world to its natural, economic, and tourism potential.

At Simply Kiev, we will help you discover and appreciate this gorgeous city. It is truly one of the world’s most beautiful capitals. You will find here some of the oldest and magnificent churches and other architecture, incredible cafes and restaurants, delectable food, vibrant nightlife, the friendliest and most welcoming people, among many others.

The city center is one safe place. Many expats say that they have never had any problem in the years they have lived here.

Kiev also rivals Paris as the most romantic city in Europe. Even in the coldest nights, you will see hundreds of lovers holding hands while walking arm down the major streets. If you want to feel romance, Kiev is the place to be. If you are single, take heart. You can still enjoy people watching or making friends – there are many gorgeous and beautifully dressed locals and tourists strolling around Kiev.

The main street of Kreschatik features wide sidewalks. One side of this street is layered with two tiered sidewalks. Hundreds of aged chestnut trees line the street where thousands of people walk or sit romantically on benches.

Kiev is a nice city to spend your holiday. You will need to spend one week or more to experience what the city has to offer. For starter, see the superbly preserved Orthodox churches. It the heart of Kiev are the colossal Saint Michaels Cathedral, as well as the beautiful complexes of Saint Sophia Cathedral, which was patterned after the Sophia Cathedral in Constantinople.

And whatever you do, make sure you visit the Perchera Lavara. It is an entire complex of churches occupying an entire hill that has catacombs of mummified priests.